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Accelerate the distribution of your service to boost your growth

Because among your audience, some will prefer to consume their videos on mobile, others on their television thanks to their box, we facilitate the hyperdistribution of VOD services to allow you to offer the best quality of service to your customers.

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Telecom operators

For publishers: facilitate access to your service by integrating the VOD offers of operators' boxes. By relying on an existing solution and interfaces, you simplify your distribution project by reducing the cost and time required for such integration.

For operators: our expertise in VOD allows you to offer a rich range of digital entertainment to your customers. We select for you the most relevant services for your audience and bring you flexibility and reactivity thanks to standardized commercial and technical processes.

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OTT platforms

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Case study : Our partnership with

svod orange

Since February 2021, VOD Factory has been distributing 17 subscription video services on Orange TV and continues to enrich this partnership with new services. The themes addressed are varied and the publishers all referents in their universe.

Each service pilots its Orange application directly from the Otto back-office, by freely animating its home page, its catalog and its highlights.

The services are accessible from channel 111, the Video on Demand section and the Shop, for Orange TV customers with the latest generation set-top boxes (Play, TV 4 & UHD), in France and in French overseas territories. Orange customers can choose to subscribe to one or more of these services and be billed directly by their operator.

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