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Queerscreen is a subscription VOD offer that brings together the best of LGBT+ films and series. Aware of the lack of exposure of this content in the traditional media, and the expectations of the public, VOD Factory has partnered with the publisher Optimale to launch this service in November 2019.

"Historically DVD publishers, our association with VOD Factory and the use of the Otto tool has enabled us to modernise our offer and very quickly create an attractive service, accessible everywhere. »
Cyril Rota, Distribution Manager at Optimale

The media, a strategic growth driver

To make itself known to its audience, Queerscreen has established a series of partnerships with strategic media, well identified by the LGBT public. This is one of the main challenges of niche themes, being able to identify audience crossroads and address a community. To do this, offers and articles have been launched with Têtu, Jock, Code de Gay, Komitid or the Chéries-chéris festival.

Exclusive content

80% of the content offered on Queerscreen is offered exclusively to the platform's subscribers, and accessible nowhere else. In order to extend this premium experience, Queerscreen has made a commitment to offer its subscribers an additional content produced by Queerscreen every month, the "Queerscreen originals".

A very active digital strategy

Present on all social networks, Queerscreen builds daily relationships with its audience, allowing it to be permanently connected to their feedback and their desires. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are used both to communicate on the platform and its news, but are also the first point of contact for after-sales service. The very high level of responsiveness to requests helps build subscriber loyalty and federate the community.

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