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In April 2021, Brut, the 100% video media with a billion fans, launches BrutX, the streaming platform for committed creators. Brut entrusts its development and distribution to VOD Factory, which supports the media in its monetization.

Simultaneous launch on 7 platforms thanks to Otto

From its launch, VOD Factory gave BrutX the means to achieve its ambition, by allowing it to accelerate its hyper distribution. Using our Otto solution, BrutX has been able to benefit from web interfaces, iOs and Android apps, as well as distribution on Orange TV. VOD Factory also develops for BrutX Android TV, Apple TV and Free platforms, thus meeting the market requirements.

From a centralized and easy-to-use back-office, BrutX can autonomously manage its service in all environments.

A flexible solution for a customized platform

The launch of BrutX was an opportunity for VOD Factory to enrich our offer of templates, on the website and mobile applications. This new range of possibilities has allowed for even more advanced editorialization, and a Brut brand identity that can be found at all levels, from the home page to the playlists. The media has been able to transpose its universe into this new service, making optimal use of the Otto tool.

Technical, marketing and editorial support

A real partnership has been established between Brut and VOD Factory. Beyond the provision of Otto and its interfaces, VOD Factory was able to put its expertise in content monetization at the service of Brut, thanks to an efficient support of the provisioning and content acquisition teams.

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