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Série Series, the "summit of the European series". Every year since 2012 in Fontainebleau, the festival brings together 700 professionals from the world of the European series. In 2020, the health context pushed the organizers to create a digital event between social networks and dedicated B2B platform developed thanks to Otto by VOD Factory.

"The VOD Factory solution was the right choice to launch our online event. The flexibility of use, the templates and the ergonomic default structure were serious assets. The availability of the teams and their reactivity allowed us to release a platform that resembled us in record time. »
Marie Baracco, Série Series Festival Director

A SVOD platform for professionals

Série Series brings together every year both the general public, who are amateurs of series, and professionals who come to discover conferences, master classes and debates around the world of Series. It is this second B2B component that has been carried by Otto, allowing all Festival accredited members unlimited access to this professional content entirely captured and digitized for the occasion. While the Festival lasts only three days, the VOD platform remains online for two months, allowing accredited Festival attendees to take the time to discover the full scope of the programming.

A 360 experience for users

The Festival organization skillfully handled the various digital tools, making a combined use of social networks, the dedicated SVOD platform and even a physical closing event! The three days of the Festival ended with a screening of the first episode of the series Les Revenants, in the heart of the Fontainebleau forest at nightfall.

An optimization of Otto templates

The Série Series platform was able to make the most of the templates made available by the Otto tool: by skillfully using the formats of banners, thumbnails, carousels, etc., they were able to recreate the universe of the Festival and offer a site different from what Internet users are used to seeing.

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