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Spicee is a 100% documentary, 100% French and 100% independent subscription video on demand (SVOD) service: created by passionate journalists for a committed audience. Women's struggles, the future of the planet, major social issues, investigations, crazy stories... Spicee is a selection of different films that will help you change the way you look at the world.

"Almost six years after its launch, Spicee changes everything but keeps the essential. We are very proud to present our new platform! Also distributed on Molotov, Amazon and Orange, Spicee thus continues its strategy of multi-distribution and development! ”
Jean-Bernard Schmidt, co-founder and CEO of Spicee

Spicee a pioneer in the fight against disinformation 

For nearly six years, Spicee has been working against this scourge by producing extraordinary digital investigations that take you into the intricacies of information, social networks and politics. Documentaries that tell the story of the workings of the conspiracy world and how social networks influence our opinions.

A committed editorial line, echoing today's world

Since its creation until today, Spicee has always tried to highlight crazy stories that make people dream, the struggles of women heroes all over the world, the complexity behind conflicts and terrorism, the mobilizations to preserve our planet, the struggles for differences and tolerance and always, rare and powerful testimonies.

The importance of hyper-distribution: reaching a very large audience

Initially launched as a responsive site, Spicee has rapidly accelerated its development and widened its accessibility. The platform, published using Otto technology developed by VOD Factory, is available in iOs and Android applications. The VOD Factory distribution network allows the service to be accessible on Molotov, Orange TV and Amazon Prime Video. The platform plans to rapidly extend its distribution to other operators, game consoles and OTT platforms.

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