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Spicee éduc is a digital resource entirely dedicated to media education and the fight against misinformation. It provides teachers with a wealth of video resources (short formats, long documentaries) and teaching aids to help them sharpen their pupils' critical thinking and teach them to avoid the traps of lies.

Our video platform dedicated to media education and the fight against misinformation is aimed at schools, training centers, libraries, media libraries and associations. We are fortunate to benefit from a flexible solution, which enables us to be available and interfaced on B-to-B educational platforms (via specialized subscriptions) and also via educational resource management platforms, such as GAR for example. Thanks to VOD Factory, we can benefit from visibility and easier distribution to our partners.
Clarisse, Project Manager at Spicee éduc

Spicee's children's platform

Since 2015, we've been working with Spicee against the scourge of misinformation by producing documentaries and bringing our journalists into schools at the request of teachers. Given the scale of the issues we face, we've decided to make a new dedicated digital resource available to all those in the educational community who wish to use our videos and methods: Spicee éduc.

A resource designed for education

Spicee éduc is aimed at the whole educational community, whether you're a teacher, a librarian, a teacher-trainer, an association or a library. All the videos are in line with school curricula and cover all the major themes of media education: conspiracy theories, fake news, social networks, science, cognitive bias...

Otto's solution for an optimized experience

The Spicee éduc resource is available via a streaming platform like those used by the general public today (Netflix, OCS, My Canal...).
It enables fast, fluid playback of videos, at will and without limit. Video content is accessible on all operating systems and web browsers.
All our video content is part of a thematic program, accompanied by teaching sheets designed to help you develop your sessions.

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