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Video courses, with +45 chefs, to learn how to cook in just 10 minutes.
Business models: SVOD and TVOD

Tchac is a platform dedicated to chefs' cooking, where you can learn and perfect your skills in a simple yet cutting-edge way. On Tchac, chefs invite you to go behind the scenes of their kitchens, in just 10 minutes. Whether it's local, vegetarian, vegan or cuisine from the four corners of the world, there's something for everyone!

Our TCHAC platform is revolutionizing the way people learn to cook at home, whether on their own or with the whole family. Our editorial content is intended to be rich, regular and easily accessible, for people who want to cook, whatever their level. VOD Factory helped us to build this project, by listening to us and giving us relevant strategic advice, to best align with what we wanted to build, before the launch. Today, we're delighted to be able to rely on their attentive customer service.
Caroline Jacqueau, co-founder of Tchac

Tchac's origins: promoting home cooking

Tchac is the brainchild of 3 sisters who are passionate about home cooking, and convinced that it has a role to play not only for our health and the environment, but also for our wallets! Tchac is the solution we've devised to support all those who want to learn and perfect their cooking skills on a daily basis. Cooking is all about learning by imitation, which means it's important to see in order to learn. That's why we've decided to invest in the video format, with a streaming platform, to provide an original teaching experience adapted to the practice of cooking.

Rich, diversified content

On Tchac, we've asked top chefs from all over the world to come and share their passion and know-how. Through ten-minute video lessons, these chefs invite you behind the scenes of their kitchens. One golden rule: on Tchac, there's no need for professional equipment or unobtainable ingredients. The chefs put themselves within your reach, with techniques that are easy to reproduce at home.

An intuitive platform for learning to cook

At Tchac, we've devised several solutions to guide our users towards the video course that's right for them. Based on an ingredient, a cooking theme, a diet or the time available, we'll guide you to the video course that's right for you! Each video course is accompanied by a downloadable illustrated data sheet, to extend the learning experience.

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