Free and sophisticated cuisine

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business models: SVOD and TVOD

Creative, modern and accessible cuisine... This is the promise of Tchac: video recipes by the greatest chefs, available by subscription and on a pay-per-use basis.

"The challenge for TCHAC is to successfully showcase content in a format that is different from what already exists on the web. By choosing the VOD Factory solution to launch our platform, we decided to address this issue with performance, efficiency and flexibility."
Caroline Jacqueau, co-founder of Tchac

New and exclusive masterclasses by the greatest chefs

Alexia Duchêne, Clémence Gommy, Seiichi Ito, Simon Auscher, Josselin Marie... the greatest chefs of the moment are on Tchac and lend themselves to the game of video exclusively for the members. All the sequences offered on Tchac are exclusive, produced and filmed for the platform, with the same high standards of quality and clarity, to enable all gourmets to perfect their cooking skills.

Video on demand adapted to culinary transmission

The Tchac team has made the most ofOtto to create a video-on-demand platform for cooking enthusiasts. The metadata used includes ingredients, accessories, cooking times, and other filters that are essential for choosing a recipe. It is also the very first VOD Factory platform to offer a downloadable PDF so that you can save or print your recipe cards. Like a recipe book, only better! Each recipe card gives access to a video explanation by the chef, key information and the detailed recipe.

Two coexisting business models: subscription and fee-for-service

Tchac members are free to subscribe to the platform to access the entire catalogue, or to rent each content individually. Some videos are also available as freemium. This co-existence of business models is made possible by Otto, which allows each publisher to choose the model or models that best suit them.

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