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Features overview

Compatible environments

mobile & tablet applications
TV applications
operators &
streaming services
Responsive website
(adapts to all screen sizes)
Desktop application
Apple TV
Android TV
Samsung TV
Orange TV
Amazon Prime Video

Features overview

Video & Audio

Advanced HTML 5 player

Our Bitmovin player allows a seamless and fast streaming experience, on any decide and in all locations

Responsive player

Vidéo are automatically optimized for all devices and all screen sizes

Adaptive video streaming

Videos are delivered in the highest useable qualify for each specific user, based on his or her connexion speed

Resume playback

For an optimal playback experience, your users will be able to pick up their videos from where they left off and find the list of content seen in a "My History" section

Multilingual version

Manage different audio tracks and subtitles

Live streaming

Enhance your customers’ experience by offering live content

Cast to TV

Any content can be casted to Chromecast or other compatible devices and be watched on a TV screen

Mobile and Smart TV apps

Mobile (iOS, Android) and TV (Apple TV, Android TV) applications

Easy video ingestion

Upload your videos very easily from your backoffice

Compatible browsers and operating systems

Thanks to the multiple formats integrated to our plateform, make your content accessible to all main operating systems and web browsers: iOS, MacOS, Android, Chrome, Microsoft, Internet Explorer
Content & animation

Responsive website

Your website is built using responsive design, making it look on all devices and screen sizes

Page management and creation

Create, personalize and modify as often as you wish all of your pages, directly from your back-office access: landing page, homepage, selections, etc.

Footer & Header

Personalize and manage the information you share with your users

Organize your content in categories and collections

Manage your content description pages by choosing the data you want to display


Organize your content in categories and collections

“All content” page

Personalize the page that displays your whole catalogue by defining personalized filters

Associated videos

Upload trailers and bonus videos to enhance your catalogue


Group videos that are meant to be seen together by creating collections, series or seasons.


Create playlists with autoplay


Define release and expiration dates for each video, directly from the back-office


Define from which locations your content is available
Design & User Experience

UX expertise

A simple, smooth and easy-to-use solution, both for the final user and for the back-office operator

Website and app customization

Chose among our choice of available templates to build a unique video site

Social Login

Integration of Facebook Connect, Google Connect and Apple Connect to allow quick and easy account creation and login

Social Sharing

Users can easily share what they are watching on social media

"My List"

Your customers can add the content of their choice to their favourites in one click and find it again at any time in the "My list" section.

Offline access

In the app, users can download videos from your storefront to watch them later, even if they are offline, using their phone or tablet.


Choose the right business model for your service: free with or without registration, unlimited access by subscription, pay-per-use, or with advertisements

Multiple offers

Decide the prices, length and conditions of your subscription offers (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Free trial

Give your users the chance to discover your service for free by offering a free trial period of a few days or weeks.

Integrated payment system

Accept most credit cards and currencies thanks to Stripe, our integrated payment partner


Attract new users by giving access to some videos for free
Marketing & Analytics

Coupons and promo codes

Create standard coupon codes (discount or free access to your offers) or prepaid coupon codes (access to your service without the user having to enter a credit card)

Pre-integrated marketing tools

All the tools you need to manage your business are natively integrated to our solution: Google Track Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar… You can also add your own tools using an API

Emailing and CRM

Connect your CRM tool to our solution to manage all your campaigns

Real time analysis

Access to a dashboard synthesizing all your KPIs and manage your performance

Content protection

The use of Digital Right Management (DRM) technologies secures flows and protects your content from illegal download

Secure Connection

Secure user login to log in to the platform or as a back-office administrator

Restricted access and profile management

Assign different roles and responsibilities to your team members and select the features they can access to in the back-office

SSL Certificate

Create trust, ensure data confidentiality and encrypt transactions using the SSL Certificate included in our hosting services.

Secure payment

Payments happening on your site are 100% secure thanks to Stripe, our payment verified partner


Your users' account creations and logins are subject to a CAPTCHA test
Support & Customer Service

User profile management

Manage your users' profiles, track subscription history, viewed content and past transactions

Modification of your users' data

You can easily change your customers information directly from the back office: email address, password reset, refund, etc.

Contacts and automatic emails

Contact your customers through email directly from your back-office and set automatic emails

The one stop VOD solution

for all types of projects :






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The simplest solution on the market to launch your SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, Live platform

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Do you have a question? A project?
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Do you have a question? A project?
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