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Gathering a community of more than 30,000 riders on Facebook, Georgette Mag decided three years after its creation to launch its video platform based on VOD Factory solutions. This masterclass service is available on the web and on mobile applications.

"VOD Factory provided us with a solution to quickly launch our subscription video content platform. We were able to set up a weekly subscription, an annual subscription, and also give free access to a whole catalogue of short content."
Alice Weill, CEO Georgette Mag

A 100% horse riding VOD platform, a first in France

The Georgette Mag team innovates on the French market and creates the first platform with 100% exclusive content on the world of horses: centred around masterclasses with the greatest riders, the platform also offers numerous editorial tips that give the necessary keys to better understand and better care for your horse.

A wide range of Freemium content

Riders can find on the Service, free of charge, sections such as "La Relève", "Allo Véto" or "Le Stagiaire". The cohabitation of a subscription model and a free offer is made possible thanks to the multiple business models offered by the OTTO by VOD Factory tool, and allows for the optimisation of traffic.

Video, but also podcast!

Among the Freemium contents, Georgette Mag offers "The Podcast", a regular show on equestrian sports news hosted by the passionate Camille XX and Alice Weill. By using the templates dedicated to the series on the OTTO tool, they were able to enhance and promote their audio content.

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